Methods to address mental health issues following the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak


Based on the findings of a study from Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz et al (2020) have listed several coping strategies to address mental health issues following the impact of covid-19.

Based on the data from the KPKesihatan website, from 1 January to 18 June 2021, the Psychosocial Support Helpline received 122,328 calls from 109,806 (89.4%) related to psychological issues from the impact of the covid-19 epidemic on their lives. financial crises, self -adjustment by working from home and family relationship conflicts. Thus, we can know that this epidemic has a huge impact in human life today where human beings are struggling in achieving a good life. Thus this study has proposed 3 approaches of action style aspects to maintain emotional and psychological stability throughout the pandemic hit the country.

Among them, individuals must practice a healthy lifestyle that is to maintain sleep patterns. A healthy sleep practice is 8 to 10 hours a day aimed at getting adequate rest. Individuals also need to ensure the arrangement of the sleeping space in a neat and comfortable to achieve sleep satisfaction. The statement is supported by a Study from Morgan et al (2011) sleep hygiene provides effectiveness in psychological health. Based on the website myhealthmylife (2021) states adequate sleep has many importance. One of the benefits for emotional goodness in controlling emotions can indirectly solve problems well.

A balanced diet and eating at the right time can also affect human mental health. The findings of the study of Renzo et al (2020), showed half of the respondents affected by the covid-19 pandemic showed concern over the dietary patterns practiced because they relied on unhealthy foods to feel calm. This practice has a negative impact on psychological well -being in terms of weight gain. It will cause a change in body shape thus lowering the comfort with self -image. A varied and balanced food intake can benefit the body because there is a combination of energy and different nutrients can supply sufficient energy for daily functions (myhealthmylife, 2020).

Next, doing physical activity and exercise in maintaining emotional stability aims to ensure optimal mental health. According to Bergmann N et al (2014) stated that stress can increase if an individual has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, then exercise is the best way to reduce stress. The country is now in the Movement Control Order (PKP) individuals need to plan light physical activity while at home. Based on the WebMD guide (2019), doing homework and standing while talking on the phone can stretch the body.

The next approach is to practice effective two -way communication aimed at avoiding misunderstandings and conflicts. This will cause the individual to be in a state of stress, anxiety and depression, so a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere is difficult to do in a family, organization or community group (Pietromonaco & Overall, 2020). Researchers state that if there are individuals who have difficulty expressing their feelings and narrating issues, they need to find or select trusted individuals such as counselors and psychologists in seeking social support because they are trained in helping clients achieve emotional stability.

Finally, the ability to understand, reason, organize and manage emotions is important in human relationships. Matthews et al (2017) state that Emotional Quotient (EQ) or emotional intelligence refers to how a person is able to see, express, recognize, use and manage his or her own emotions or those of others. This means that a person must have the ability of emotional intelligence in forming self-awareness to manage emotions efficiently, able to control and improve performance and achieve good communication in society.


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